Electro Magnetic Thruster Brakes

Electro Magnetic Thruster Brakes
Electro Magnetic Thruster Brakes

For infallible operation of machinery, modern methods are necessary, any machines which requires its motion to be controlled, whether it is lifting Crane, Hoist, Wintch or Mining Haulage today employs an Electro Magnetic Brake, enabling the operator not only to control the motion but also to hold the load at any desired point without danger of falling, merely by release of the starting handle. Electro Magnetic Brake is adequate equipment for safer operations of machinery.
Electro Magnetic Brakes are used when a load must be stopped rapidly to prevent it from roatating.These brakes are used in Paper Mills, Drives of certain Textile Machines, Sugar Mill Machinery, Rubber Mixing Mills.


 Assembly and Function :

The shoes are of cast iron and other components are of fabricated steel. The lever is hinged on main arm, which is connected to the side arm through a tie rod, and is stress by pre-loaded compression spring. The compression of spring can be adjust to set the braking torque to desired value. The brake liner of selected quality material is reveted to the shoes by aluminium rivets.
A.C. solenoid with laminated magnetic sheet steel houses a copper magnetizing coil which is impregnated with class F materials. The plunger which is connected to the lever, is drawn into the coil, when it is energised with A.C. source. This loads the spring and releases the brakes shoes from brake drum. When the supply is cut off, the plunger is pull out of the coil, and spring force clamp the brake shoes on the brake drum and the brake is applied.


 Technical Specification :

Brake Model No. Drum Diameter (mm) Braking Torque (KG m) Length (maximum) Width (maximum) Hight (Maximum)
RI-EMB-100 100 1.84 370 155 275
RI-EMB-150 150 6.50 435 155 305
RI-EMB-200 200 15.00 575 175 370
RI-EMB-250 250 19.30 655 175 460
RI-EMB-300 300 38.50 765 200 530
RI-EMB-380 380 58.60 850 200 645

  A.C. Drum Brakes are suitable for single phase A.C. supply up to 440V and are available for drum  diameters of 100 mm to 380 mm and braking torques up to 69 kg-m.

 Features :

- Compact design
- Fail Safe
- Reliable in operation
- Clean work environment
- Braking Torque can be easily adjusted
- Requires less maintenance

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