Crane Control Equipments

Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brake

Thruster Brake

Thruster brake is a device used to retard the speed of moving machinery and to stop it accurately to the desired position.

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 Rotary Geared Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary geared limit switch is used to trip motor supply when the Moving loads reach the extreme end positions of working zone.

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Master Controller

Master Controller
Master controllers are used for operation of contractor’s equipment controlling E.O.T. Cranes &Rolling mills drives
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S.S Punch Grid Resistance Box
stainless steel Punch Grid Resistance Box

ROLEX make resistance boxes are designed to meet requirements of A.C & D.C. application for E.O.T. Cranes

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Lever Limit Switch
Lever Limit Switch
Lever Limit Switches are used for Heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes, Hoists to prevent over Travel of hoisting motion on power and control circuit up to 500 V and 40 Amps.
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Counter Weight Limit Switch
Counter Weight Limit Swich
Counter Weight Limit Switches are used for Heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes, Hoists to prevent over travel of hoisting motion
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ROLEX INDUSTRIES has been Manufacturing EOT Crane Control Equipments like Thruster Brakes, Resistance Box, Lever Limit Switches, Rotary Limit Switch, Master Controller, Counter Weight Limit Switch, Disc Brake, Magnetic Clutch, Thrusters typically used in cranes, winches and different kinds of machines and plants used in steel industry, ports, shipbuilding, mining, shipyards, civil, mechanical, cement and paper industry, power stations, waste management, rubber mixers and people transport plants. With values such as enthusiasm, dedication and sincerity over a decade ROLEX has gained a good reputation from customers which has contributed to the development in the Industrial World.

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