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Electro Magnetic Brakes, Magnetic Brakes, Disc Brakes, Geared Brake Drum Couplings, Drum Controller, Current Collector, Cable Trolleys, Trolleys, Spring Buffer, Rail Clamps, DC Brakes, Mumbai, India

The company was established in 1996 by young technically qualified entrepreneurs with the help of veteran engineers having three decades of experience in the power sector. Since last seven years, the company, is engaged in the work of designing, engineering, supplying and installation of material handling equipments to various private, limited companies and government organizations such as Power Industries, Chemical Industries, Steel plants, Cement plants, Oil industry, Food product manufacturer, Rolling mill, Engineering Industry, Petro-chemicals, Space Research organizations, Ceramic Industry and Foundries.
Our branch employs young and professional employees, who have the ability of Creation and acts as a catalyst in the continuous development of the corporation. To face the future global market, our company carries out the strategies of name brand, specialization and functions of material handling equipments with specific, challenging requirements as we have the support of technically competent design and development experts. We provide the most advanced, comprehensive and Cost-effective solutions to our clients to meet the international standards of business with proper managerial skills. All our solutions are saleable, flexible and cost-effective. We believe in fully satisfied clients. Through our sincerity, creativity, high quality and competitive prices, we have gained a good reputation from our customers at home as well as abroad. Furthermore, every effort is made to improve our products, we offer to our clients, especially regarding prompt delivery. It has been our desire to continuously satisfy our consumers with creative technology, in order to fashion a company that can cater to the needs of our clients.
Manufacturing of Crane Control Equipments, Thruster Brake, Rotary Limit Switch, Master Controller, SS Punch Grid Resistance Box, Lever Limit Switch, Counter Weight Limit Swich, EOT Crane Control Equipments, EOT Crane Control Gears, Crane Parts, Crane spare Parts, Crane Spares, Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes, Thrustor Brakes, Electro Magnetic Brakes, Magnetic Brakes, Disc Brakes, Thrusters, Thrustors, Resistance Boxes, Resistance Box, Stainless Steel Punch Grid Resistance Box, Master Controller, Limit Switches, Rotary Geared Limit Switch, Counter Weight Limit Switch, Lever Type Limit Switch, Differential Limit Switch, Brake Drum, Geared Brake Drum, Couplings, Gear Couplings, Brake Drum Couplings, Geared Brake Drum Couplings, Drum Controller, Current Collector, Cable Trolleys, Trolleys, Cable Reeling Drum, Spring Buffer, Rail Clamps, DC Brakes, DSL Shrouded Busbar System, DSL, Conductor Bars, Shrouded Conductors, Shrouded Conductor Bars, Insulated Conductors, Insulated Conductor Bars, Mobile Electrification Systems, Crab Assembly, Gear Box, Hook Block Assembly, Control Panel, Magnetic Clutches, Magnetic Clutch, Drive Wheel Assemblies, Idler Wheel Assemblies.
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